One of the challenges facing the church today is biblical illiteracy. So many Christians don't understand what the Bible teaches, and aren't sure how to follow Jesus' teachings. Far too often, Christians neglect the Bible simply because they don't understand it or what it means for their life. This is where the passion for The Practical Bible comes from. I want to do everything I can to equip God's people with simple steps they can take to live the way in which God intended and experience an incredible amount of joy. Following Jesus is an eternal commitment, so, it will at least take our lifetime to figure out. That's why I believe we can take it one step at a time. Once a week, we will look at a passage of Scripture and try to do what it tells us to. 


Hi, my name is Andy Rectenwald.

I live in Toledo, Ohio with my wife, Kaela, and my two children, Ruby and Easton.

I have always loved learning, but after I had come to faith in Jesus, this thirst for knowledge took on a whole new meaning. I couldn't stop reading books on every topic relating to Christianity, especially Apologetics books. After over six years of vocational ministry, and obtaining a Master's Degree in Christian Apologetics, this has only grown. 

One of the greatest struggles I've had in my faith is that though I love to learn, there always exists this tension between knowing and doing. I've mentored young believers and far more seasoned Christians have mentored me. One thing is always consistent: doing what Jesus tells me to isn't easy. He asks a lot of me; he asks a lot of all of his followers. The difficulty of following Jesus shouldn't, however, deter us from doing it, which is why I started The Practical Bible. My hope is that every week, God will speak to us through his word and give us a clear mission. My role - I believe - is simply to facilitate his work.